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Adjustable Dumbbell 2 to 32 KG x2

Adjustable Dumbbell 2 to 32 KG x2

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  • Perfect for training at home
  • Easy to use
  • Takes up little space
  • Delivered in pairs
  • Express & Free Shipping
  • Do you want to sculpt a dream body, but from home?
  • Do you want a quality home gym that is both effective and soothing?
  • Want a workout space at home without the incessant clatter of weights.
  • These deafening noises, caused by the lifting and falling of weights, finally have a solution, adjustable dumbbells from 2 to 32 kg of load per dumbbell.
  • Are you tired of changing weights between reps and wasting time?
  • Are your dumbbells bulky and littering the floor?

Adjustable dumbbell 2 to 32 kg : an optimized space

Removing and putting back weights, repeating this operation dozens of times, is the nightmare of bodybuilders and all those in search of muscle development and strengthening. But there is a solution to save time and optimize your workout space: adjustable dumbbells with a load of 2 to 32 kg per dumbbell. This pair of dumbbells is equivalent to a dozen pairs of dumbbells. Modular, they adapt quickly to the desired load. Ergonomic, they can be easily slipped into an empty space or under your bed for discreet storage. Innovative, they save you the fatigue of successive manual weight changes. Don't hesitate to pair them with a dumbbell stand to make them easier to hold. Discover our entire catalog of adjustable dumbbells. No more cluttering up your home gym with our adjustable dumbbells, with a load capacity of 2 to 32 kg per dumbbell, you'll find a quality home gym that is both spacious and adapted. Ideal for an optimized home gym space.

Adjustable dumbbells 2 to 32 kg: the bodybuilding solution

This pair of adjustable dumbbells 2 to 32 kg load per barbell allows you to develop your muscles in a very harmonious and balanced way. Compact, they offer your movements during the various exercises, a perfect amplitude of execution. Their meticulous finish allows you to enjoy professional quality at home. Thus armed, you are ready for a multitude of varied exercises. You can perform curls, squats, and all your favorite exercises with pleasure. Muscle your back, your legs, your arms, nothing resists the adjustable dumbbells 2 to 32 kg of load by dumbbell. Finally, integrating weightlifting into your life has never been easier with this home gym solution.

These ergonomic and adjustable dumbbells from 2 to 32 kg, with a small footprint, are essential accessories for your strength and muscle development at home. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and noisy workouts and discover the pleasure of effort combined with comfort. For a home gym without the inconvenience of a fitness room, leave the classic dumbbells in the closet and order now your pair of adjustable dumbbells from 2 to 32 kg.

Adjustment per step: 2 KG 4 KG 8 KG 12 KG 16 KG 20 KG 24 KG 28 KG 32 KG

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Très bon produit, très simple d'utilisation et robuste. Je recommande +++

Abderrahmane Khaddad
Très bon matériel

Vendeur compréhensif et arrangeant malgré des difficultés avec le livreur.
Matériel commandé avec support, de bonne qualité et permettant un gain optimal de place.

manuel fytad
haltère ajustable

Livraison reçus en 3 colis bien emballer, le produit est tel qu'indiqué rien à redire ! merci

Corine sqdqd
tapis musculation

J'ai commander le Tapis , il me convient.

jeremy dupuis
Prix bas & qualité

Petit prix , mousse simple de qualité, je recommande si petit budget.